In the world of gaming, there is a new phenomenon that has taken the industry by storm. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, has become an instant hit since its release in August 2020. The game features adorable jellybean-like characters competing in various obstacle courses and challenges to be crowned the ultimate winner. With its colorful graphics, quirky gameplay mechanics, and addictive nature, it’s no wonder that Fall Guys has captured the hearts of millions around the globe. But what truly sets this game apart from others is its vast collection of collectible plush toys. Fall Guys plushies have become highly sought-after items among gamers and collectors alike. These soft toys perfectly capture the charm and cuteness of their in-game counterparts.

From smiling beans dressed as pirates or astronauts to those sporting unicorn horns or dinosaur costumes – there is a plushie for every fan out there. The demand for these cuddly companions skyrocketed shortly after their release. Fans rushed to get their hands on them, leading to sold-out stocks within minutes both online and at physical stores. Social media platforms were flooded with posts showcasing people proudly displaying their newly acquired Fall Guys plushies. What makes these collectibles even more appealing is their limited availability. Each season brings new designs featuring different outfits inspired by popular culture references such as superheroes or iconic movie characters like Godzilla or Sonic the Hedgehog. This exclusivity factor adds an element of excitement to collecting them all before they disappear forever.

Some fans have gone above and beyond just collecting these adorable creatures; they’ve turned it into a competitive race amongst themselves! Online forums are filled with discussions about rare finds, trading opportunities, and strategies on how to secure coveted limited-edition releases. This frenzy surrounding Fall Guys plushies has also caught the attention of scalpers who take advantage of high demand by reselling them at exorbitant prices. While this may be disheartening for genuine Fall Guys plushies fans, it only adds fuel to the fire and intensifies the race to get these collectibles. The popularity of Fall Guys plushies has not gone unnoticed by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital. They have embraced this craze by collaborating with various brands and artists to create even more unique designs. This collaboration has resulted in limited-edition releases featuring characters from other popular games or famous personalities, further expanding the appeal of these plush toys.