Phan Van Vinh is a criminal who has been indicted for the abuse of position and authority in the performance of official duties to protect the billion-dollar gambling ring Rikvip. So who is Phan Van Vinh? What role did he play in this operation? Let’s find out more in the following detailed article by Nguyen Van Duong.

Who is Phan Van Vinh?

Phan Van Vinh, born on May 19, 1955, is a former Lieutenant General of the Vietnamese People’s Police. He was a member of the 12th National Assembly, representing Nam Dinh province, and served as the Director General of the General Department of Police under the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam. After retiring, he was stripped of all titles and expelled from the Party for protecting criminals involved in the billion-dollar gambling operation.

Prior to becoming a criminal, he had many legendary stories about solving cases before the 2000s, such as setting fire to a haystack at a suspected thief’s cooperative, using the fire as a pretext to search for evidence; and kidnapping a criminal lying across a railway track to force a confession. Additionally, he was the Head of the Special Investigation Steering Committee in the Le Van Luyen massacre case in Bac Giang province and the leader of the operation to arrest businessman Bao Kien.

Although he made significant contributions to dangerous criminal cases, no one could have expected that Phan Van Vinh would also be involved in protecting a criminal network. Due to the severity of the case, he was stripped of his titles, expelled from the Party, and faced prosecution by the Supreme People’s Procuracy of Phu Tho province.

The Role of Phan Van Vinh in the Rikvip Gambling Ring

Based on the investigation results, the Phu Tho Provincial Police clarified Phan Van Vinh’s actions as “exploiting his position and authority while performing official duties.” During the investigation, his role in the gambling ring was to instruct his subordinates to study and propose the establishment of a front company.

Therefore, Phan Van Vinh introduced Nguyen Van Duong to Nguyen Thanh Hoa to reach an agreement on establishing a front company for the General Department of Police. On September 30, 2011, Nguyen Van Duong established the High-Tech Security Investment and Development Limited Liability Company (CNC) and became the Chairman of the Board of Members.

From this incident, the management and prevention agencies mistakenly believed that CNC was a legitimate company for the General Department of Police. In reality, this company served as a cover for Duong and his accomplices to conduct online gambling more conveniently.

Knowing that the CNC company established by Duong was involved in gambling activities, Phan Van Vinh not only failed to intervene or take action but also signed a document requesting the Ministry of Information and Communications to create favorable conditions for the company’s operations. In addition, Vinh instructed Son, the Deputy Director General of the General Department of Police, to issue a permit for operating gambling card games for the CNC company.