While the Clampett family was depicted as simple and uninformed, they were honest and upright, which occasionally resulted in funny situations in Bly Hills. What TV show included Jed Clampett, a backwoods family man, moving to a posh urban area with his relatives? The show was so well-loved that it became a phenomenon in the U.S. In real life is not as fast. The idea behind The Bly Hillbillies was a social experiment. The Addams Family started as a series of cartoons drawn by Charles Addams for The New Yorker. The initial idea was to depict a bizarre and tense family as a close-knit, loving one. In 2012, two researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, examined the vast amount of information from this study for 50 years to determine which factors of the early years are the most accurate indicators of the future’s success.

The Marine Corps awarded the character two honorary promotions. In this instance, although private first class Gomer Pyle might not have been the ideal soldier for combat, his charisma and personality made him ideal as the charming face of the Marine Corps. What TV show will you be watching when Max, also known as Agent 86, goes into action? What was rubratings the title? Name this 1995 film that features scenes from Washington Square Park and Greenwich Village. It was also among the few TV shows from the 1960s that featured scenes of couples sleeping in bed. Although it may seem silly today, My Favorite Martian is still regarded as one of the most beloved science-fiction comedy shows.

Lurch was the butler in this comedy series that focused on an unusual family. The show’s humor centered on the racial divide between urban and rural people and included double entendres. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., used the popular idea of the differences between rural people and those in the cities. There were also gags such as the cone-of-silence and a variety of shoe phones, all of which were ridiculous spy equipment. Anyone who hears the sound of it being featured on Dr. Phil will often end their conversation. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? What TV show featured architect Wilbur Post talking to his large pet? It was not explained why Wilbur could talk to him or the reason Wilbur only spoke to him.